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Top 10 Basketball Instagrams




In addition, Instagram has become a superior news outlet. Practically everyone always has their phone on them, but not everyone is by a TV with NBATV on during all hours of the day. With IG post notifications turned on, it takes seconds to receive the most up to date news.

How many of you have learned about an NBA trade before your Dad did because you’re following @basketballvines or @houseofhighlights? Probably most, if not all of you…

One of the most unique features found on some Basketball Instagram pages is digital artwork. Fanart has taken a whole new level since the rise of Instagram. @overtimeedits is just an of example of Instagrams that have displayed a combination of ridiculous creative talent with a basketball interest.

For the record; I’m not saying traditional basketball TV entertainment doesn’t have its place, but outside of live broadcasting and exclusives, that place is the past.

Here’s a breakdown of the 10 Instagram accounts basketball fans need to follow.

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