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Skip Bayless Claims He Can Outrun LeBron James In An 8-mile Race



Legendary sportscaster Skip Bayless has always been known as a LeBron James hater. So it came as no surprise that during an interview with GQ, Bayless threw LeBron’s name out and claimed that he could beat him in a long distance race.

Bayless is an avid runner who claims to have only missed a single day of cardio since 1991, and the 67-year-old is clearly in great shape, making him confident that he can outlast the world’s best athletes today, such as LeBron, or Tom Brady.

“I always think of LeBron, since he’s the guy we talk about the most. Or Tom Brady. I’m going to the top of the food chain with both of them. I definitely could outrun those two for eight miles. I would do it for any amount of money. I still run pretty well. I’m pretty fast. My eighth mile is usually around 6:30. The other miles will be more like 7:30 or 8:00. Let’s take LeBron: At 6-foot-nine and 260 pounds, it’s just physics—it’s too many pounds to carry over a distance. I’d do it tomorrow…. Because I lift weights so hard and run so much, yeah. I believe I can outrun most everyone.”

Pretty sure LeBron or Brady won’t accept the challenge so this is all just wishful thinking.

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