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5 Ideal Trades for Aaron Rodgers



The Green Bay Packers fell well short of their standards, now missing the playoffs for the second straight season. Their defense is lackluster, and the offense is disorganized; Mike McCarthy getting the boot is only the beginning.

The upcoming season will be a make or break for the Packers; the rebuilding era is near. Cheese heads are dying inside watching Aaron Rodgers, one of the best quarterbacks in the game, lose repeatedly.

It’s easy to blame the coach (hence the firing), but the Packers letdowns extend beyond their play calling. If this team can’t get on the right track by next season, it’s time to restructure, and that might mean trading Aaron Rodgers.

Many Packers fans loath this conversation but let’s look at the facts; he’s 35 years old, he’s under contract until he’s about 39 years old, he’s been struggling with injuries over the last couple of seasons, and Green Bay isn’t winning while he’s healthy.

While Aaron is still one of the best QBs under center in the league today, many organizations would be willing to pay an arm and a leg to land the future hall of famer. The Packers would be looking at 1st round draft picks, possibly young prospects, or potentially veteran pro bowlers in return for Rodgers. Good teams with a struggling quarterback like the New York Giants could be interested in taking the risk for Aaron Rodgers.

Of course, Packers fans must be considering the worst scenario here, losing Aaron Rodgers to then watch him have the best years of his career, maybe even winning a Super Bowl elsewhere. Understandably so this is a cheese head nightmare, but it’s a golden rule in the sports business that you must be willing to cut ties if it means achieving more.

Let’s look at the 5 Ideal Trades for Aaron Rodgers, starting with the Denver Broncos…

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