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A Raptors Super-Fan & Their Unbelievable Story



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To understand and appreciate Nav, you need to know where he came from and how the super-fan first fell in love with the city of Toronto.


In 1984, Nav Bhatia moved to Canada as an immigrant from India to pursue a better life, as millions of immigrants do each year.

Starting with practically nothing, Nav was unable to get a job as a mechanical engineer in Canada so he took a position as car salesman at a Hyundai dealership. It didn’t take long for that immigrant hunger and hard work to pay off.

With the help of some old-fashioned cheesy radio ads, Nav sold 127 vehicles in about a 3-month period, leading to a ridiculously quick promotion to Store Manager at Rexdale Hyundai.

Nav set a record for most cars sold during that time span that has yet to be broken.

Nevertheless, Nav never grew complacent, he worked his way and earned the opportunity to buy the dealership in only 2 years….

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