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10 Reasons Why Carmelo Anthony Should Retire



Regardless of what you see on Social Media and ESPN, Carmelo Anthony is one of the best scorers of All-Time and a future Hall of Famer.

In case anyone forgot or never knew; Carmelo Anthony is a 10x All-Star, 6x All NBA selection, and a previous Scoring Champion.

Since traded to the Thunder in 2017, Carmelo has been flamed by the likes of critics and serial trolls. Yes, Melo has been launching air-balls from 30 feet and missing layups in his last 2 seasons, but the lousy play at the end of his tenure shouldn’t define his career.

He’s no different than any other aging NBA player, he’s a shell of what he used to be, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Father time is undefeated, even LeBron James will lose his battle against time sooner or later.

That being said, you must know when its time to let go and face reality. Carmelo Anthony had a hell of a run but moving forward is the best life decision. He’s more than just an athlete, he’s a family man and an entrepreneur, and both of those lives need plenty attention.

Without further ado, here are the 10 reasons why Carmelo Anthony should retire from playing basketball.

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