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Top 20 NBA 2k20 Player Ratings Revealed



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The NBA 2k20 player ratings are out and there are a lot of mixed reactions.

With the power shifts that have taken place last season; the emergence of Kawhi Leonard, Giannis’ MVP season, and LeBron James missing the playoffs for the first time since 2005, many expected big changes in the 2k ratings.

Well, there has been changes. Some we agree with, others not so much, and a few that make absolutely no sense.

You’ll be intrigued to see who’s jumped in and out of the top 3, and the NBA players who’ve remained stagnant for a full year now.

Will there a be “cheat code” player this year (?), the answer might surprise you.

As we reveal the Top 20 NBA 2k20 player ratings, we’ll grade each rating, adding if each player rating is facts or cap.


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