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Kanye West & YEEZY Drop “Sunday Service” Apparel for Coachella Performance



Kanye West performed a ‘Sunday Service’ special at Coachella over the weekend, and has decided to drop Yeezy apparel to commemorate the event.

The collection includes: a crewneck, in an “oxen” tie-dye or “bone,” that reads “HOLY SPIRIT” in a circular text on the front and “SUNDAY SERVICE AT THE MOUNTAINTOP” on the back; a long sleeve tee that takes the crewneck’s theme and adds sun and fire graphics; a draping, choir-like poncho; and a bone-colored T-shirt with “TRUST GOD” printed across the front. The heavenly clothing is finished off with sweetpants to match the crewnecks, and, maybe best of all, the “Jesus Walks” socks.

YEEZY’s “Sunday Service” collection is available now at kanyewest.com, with prices ranging from $50 USD for the socks, to $225 USD for the crewnecks.

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